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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of having a Driver support service?
2. What are the details Drivers need or want to know?
3. What are the details Office Staff need or want to know?
4. What is it that CompliancyPlus 24/7 support for Drivers actually do?
5. Why hire CompliancyPlus when we already have a Safety department?


1. Having a dedicated Driver support service monitoring and maximizing your Driver's Hours of Service is as important as monitoring Fuel mileage and maintaining your equipment.

At CompliancyPlus we've proven to increase Productivity, Safety, HOS compliance, and even Driver Retention by as much as 13% or more. By being available to Drivers 24 hours a day we've seen savings for our Carriers of up to as much as $18,000 per year/ per driver, equivalent to increasing your fuel mileage by 1mpg!

2. What Drivers usually need is Hours of Service related assistance, with 64% of the calls requiring trip planning advice and 36% of calls requiring minor edits to their e-logs. Less than 5% of all calls that we receive from Drivers are related to issues or the performance of their Electronic Log Devices.

3. Office staff generally call about Violation reconciliation, ELD malfunctions and sensor issues, and occasionally regarding available Hours of Service for dispatch procedure.  Violation inquiries equal approximately 55% of all calls, ELD malfunctions and sensor failures equal approximately 40%, and less than 5% of all calls received are related to Driver Hours of Service availability.

4. We provide real-time support when it's needed most, whether it's 5 am in the morning or 6 pm in the evening your driver's can call us and get a live support specialist. At CompliancyPlus we take the duty of monitoring your Drivers e-log accuracy to the next level, when your drivers call us we make sure that their e-logs accurately reflect their activities for the day, both preventing them from running out of hours unnecessarily and maximizing their hours to get your freight delivered without circumventing the HOS regulations. By far the greatest strength we have as a driver support service is the relationship that we build with your drivers, it's one of trust in our expertise and the confidence that they know that we're always there for them. We firmly believe that our success with increasing your Driver's productivity and HOS compliance is because of our ability to effectively apply reinforcement training (Practical Training) through this relationship of trust. 

5. Monitoring hours of service is only 7% of the External link opens in new tab or windowresponsibilities that your safety director and his team have, yet we have found that this area can be one of the greatest sources of operational costs next to poor vehicle maintenance when left unchecked. Monitoring e-logs and driver HOS compliance "after the fact" is like shutting the gate after the horses got out. Without being proactive in reinforcement training (outside of the training room), losses in productivity can sore as high as 10% of your operational costs per mile. The cost associated to hiring CompliancyPlus to effectively monitor and manage your drivers e-logs pale in comparison to the costs associated to employing your own in house staff to do the same job 24 hours a day. In fact, by hiring CompliancyPlus you'll actually make money through the increased productivity of your Drivers!

With CompliancyPlus we have already streamlined our process both in managing your ELD hours of service account, on-boarding new drivers, and transitioning from paper-logs to e-logs. At less then 1/2 the price (per 100 drivers) to employ 1 employee for 8 hours a day to monitor e-logs, it makes more sense to hire us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and commit that employee to increasing the efficiency of the other 93% of your safety departments duties.

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