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The Management Cycle for CompliancyPlus was conceived by Grant Conrad in October 2016, who with 18 years of experience in the transportation industry, realized the absolute need for a service that both supports the Hours of Service regulations using Telematics and assists Drivers to remain compliant and productive so that Carriers can continue to make on-time deliveries using ELD's when the December 18th, 2017 ELD Mandate came into effect. Working with a variety of experienced individuals in the Telematics industry since early 2017, who likewise had the same foresight to realize the need to fully understand all three H.O.S. rule sets, CompliancyPlus has now has evolved into a fully functioning Driver support platform that is 100% scale-able, and proven to be effective in implementing and managing Electronic Logging Device technology for the Transportation industry in a very user friendly and cost-saving way.

Thanks to the continued efforts of our new team members, the positive response of so many of the drivers and managerial staff that are employed by our customers, and of course the cooperation and support from our friends at Omnitracs Canada, CompliancyPlus has evolved into a service that has in short become that "needed" integration of experience and knowledge from both the Telematics Industry and the Transportation Industry, providing a post-sale service solution that is simply "the missing piece of the puzzle" when transitioning into using Electronic Log Devices for Carriers.

Real Experience - Real Compliance - Real Value

Customer Testimonials

"CompliancyPlus does more than just keep our drivers compliant,

they became part of our team."

Janet Smith

Risk Manager

Shuttle Express/ All-Connect Logistical Services Inc.