At the suggestion of our customers and in the interest of Public Safety we're enhancing our Basic Assessment platform for our customers, to review and identify any omissions or conflicts with the Technical Standards for Electronic Logging Devices as a non-accredited third party service.

We believe all Carriers still deserve to make informed decisions when purchasing new ELD platforms or when renewing contracts for the ELD platforms that they currently have.

Being able to identify Bad Data, whether it be through falsification of RODS by your drivers or inaccurate data provided by your ELD platform, is crucial in making Good Decisions!

Below is our 6 Step Process to help you make an informed decision on your ELD platform.

Currently Certified ELD Providers:

Hutch Systems Inc. - Hutch Connect ELD

Diesel Tech Industries Ltd. - Guardian ELOG DTIE02

External link opens in new tab or windowPedigree Technologies, LLC - Cab-Mate One

External link opens in new tab or windowAssured Tracking Inc. - Apollo ELD APLIOXCDT21