Building Trust Through Results.

As one of the very first service providers for this type of Administrative position, we hold ourselves to a higher standard of excellence than most out-sourcing services.

Why? Because not only do we want to set the standard for this type of service in the compliance industry, we’re determined to raise that standard every day through hard work, listening to our customers, and proactively working each day to improve the services that we provide. At CompliancyPlus, we’re not in the business of trying to de-value the trust that our customers have in their current ELD providers because we strongly believe in developing relationships, not destroying them. Developing trust is what strong business relationships are built on, and as a new “for hire” administrative service in the Transportation industry we do not take our customer’s trust in us for granted, in fact it drives us to work harder on building that trust by delivering results that continually exceed our customer’s expectations. At CompliancyPlus we are results driven, and that is how we will build your trust in us.


Privacy for our Customers.

At CompliancyPlus, we respect our customers’ privacy and take great care to safeguard personal information. As part of our ongoing commitment to putting customers first, we have a strict policy of protecting privacy in all of our business operations. We believe that an important part of protecting privacy is to be clear about how we handle customer’s personal information and to make information about our approach easily accessible.




Deletion of Data.

CompliancyPlus is committed to maintaining secure, accurate and accessible records for our customers. As a matter of prudence, we do not keep records of Hours of Service compliance past the mandatory 6-month period required by law. This policy reflects our ongoing commitment to discretion, by simply not having in our possession any historical data that government authorities may request.


Our Employee Access Policies.

CompliancyPlus has a strict policy of non-disclosure within its employee base, and all of our staff have signed legal confidentiality agreements to that effect. As a secondary assurance, the CompliancyPlus staff does not have access to information that is not directly involved and necessary to perform their assigned duties. In short, other than senior staff, no one employee has full access to any sensitive information that is entrusted to CompliancyPlus by our customers.


Limited Access to Authorities.

CompliancyPlus endeavors to maintain a strict policy of confidentiality and will only release information to authorities after the request to do so is reviewed by our customer's legal counsel. As a secondary measure, CompliancyPlus deletes any unnecessary data that it is not relevant to the performance of our duties.


Information Requests from 3rd Parties.

Under no circumstances will CompliancyPlus release any information that is the property of and/or related to the operations or functioning status of our customer(s).


Retaining Data for Improving Customer Service.

CompliancyPlus is committed to providing the best quality service possible, to do this, gross data from each customer is retained for the sole purpose of service improvement. Any data that is retained is edited for identity and the original data is immediately deleted. CompliancyPlus values the confidentiality of it customers and guarantees that any data retained can in no way be associated with any one customer.




Shared Files.

CompliancyPlus strives to be completely transparent with its customers in the daily operations and duties regarding their stored data. However, only authorized individuals will be granted access to their company’s data, and only upon written request.


Violation Reporting Procedures.

At CompliancyPlus we take pride in our dedication to the safety of our customer’s C.V.O.R. and the integrity of their Safety Department’s internal disciplinary process. Should a violation event occur, CompliancyPlus staff will initiate a report on the event, and submit whatever corrective action or P.O.A. that was taken only to those who are designated as an authorized recipient for violation reports. Access to these reports will not be available to unauthorized office staff.


Due Diligence.

At CompliancyPlus we take Due Diligence very seriously, to attain 100% compliance within the H.O.S. regulations we feel is a group effort. AT CompliancyPlus we focus our effort on your drivers compliance because it has always been our mindset that “compliant drivers will keep a company compliant”. However, drivers are only part of the group effort, so reports may be submitted if staff other than your drivers have a direct influence on an H.O.S. compliance. These reports are held in strict confidence and are immediately deleted after receiving an acknowledgment of receipt.




Our Vision is to provide a service to Transportation Companies that can provide a profitable balance between asset productivity and FMCSA compliance. We believe that focusing on compliance first, combined with leading edge technology and great customer service, is the most effective way to increase asset productivity and customer profit margins

Earning Your Trust.

At CompliancyPlus Honesty, Integrity, and Confidentiality is key to our survival, and we fully understand this. Our customers provide us daily with data that can be extremely sensitive and then trust us to reconcile that data, because of this we do not take their trust in us and our responsibility to them lightly. For them and our future customers, we intend to keep, and continue to earn, our customers trust through discretion, accountability, and quality service.