E.L.D. Account Management Training

CompliancyPlus offers E.L.D. Training to both your Office Staff and Drivers in-house as a group, and then that training is applied and reinforced through our help-line services on an on-going basis.  Our training program is systematic and involves typical Induction Training where we introduce your staff to the basic functions of the ELD platform.
(This training is assessed for each trainee according to a Need Assessment that we establish prior to training.)

We offer training:

  • In-House at our Facilities
  • On-site (3 courses)

  • Free On-Going Support and Consultation (Help-line) 

At CompliancyPlus our services are available to our customer's using any of the leading ELD platforms on the market, however for the best results in both driver productivity and Hours of Service compliance your E.L.D. Platform must have integration capabilities with up to date, accurate, and real time raw data on Driver status changes and Vehicle positions.

Driver E-Log Training 

Our training provides your Drivers with:

  • An insight into the Transparency of E.L.D.'s.
  • A refresher Course in both the Canadian and U.S. Hours of Service regulations.
  • The required training and knowledge as outlined in the ELD Mandate.

(Training Certificates are issued upon successful completion.)

 "The greatest loss a Carrier can experience by not properly training Drivers on E-logs is in Productivity."


Hours Of Service Support

"We've Found That 9 Out Of 10 Times Just Correcting a Driver's Duty Status 5 -10 Minutes Can Make The Difference

Between That Driver Delivering His/ Her Freight On Time, Or Going Into Violation."

Our 24/7 Driver Help-line provides:

  • Practical Use training to assist your Drivers in trip-planning  around their available Hours of Service.
  • Editing your Driver's logs  for them so that they don't have to stop driving to do it themselves.
  • Assisting your Drivers in managing their HOS options. (Sleeper Berth splits, Off-duty deferral. Personal Conveyance, DOT ruleset regulations, etc.)

Accurately Reflecting Your Driver's Daily Activities Is Key To Maximizing Their Hours Of Service Availability.

"Five or Ten Minutes On The Wrong Duty Status Could Mean The Difference Between Delivering Your Freight On Time Or Losing a Customer Account."



Practical Use Training

(Training Reinforcement)

 "It's What Makes Driver E.L.D. Training and H.O.S. Support Effective."

"Our 24/ 7 Driver Help-Line...More than Just H.O.S. Regulations."

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