About Us

The Management Cycle for CompliancyPlus was conceived by Grant Conrad in October 2016, who with 18 years of experience in the transportation industry realized the absolute need for a service that assists and supports a Carrier’s office staff with their ELD account and assists Drivers to remain HOS compliant through a 24/7 driver helpline. Safety and productivity kept between the lines of  HOS compliance was Grant’s passion then and still is today.

Working with a variety of experienced individuals in the Telematics industry since early 2017, CompliancyPlus has now evolved into a fully functioning Safety Management Support Service for Hours of Service compliance that is 100% scale-able, and has proven to be effective in implementing and supporting Electronic Logging Device technology for the Transportation industry in a very user friendly and cost-effective way.

CompliancyPlus has now evolved into a service that has become that “needed integration of experience and knowledge” from both the Telematics Industry and the Transportation Industry. CompliancyPlus provides a post-sale service solution that is simply “the missing piece of the puzzle” when transitioning from Paper logs to Electronic Log Devices for Carriers.